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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hello - thanks for visiting my Home Page blog.This is a 'launching pad' to all my blogs. It's my website.

I have enjoyed blogging sine 2005, and been rewarded with lots of acquaintances, and friends. Blogging is fun, and Blogger gives you that platform - for FREE ! Enjoy it.

My few remaining blogs are various in theme, and I hope you enjoy them and/or have your questions answered.

Click on the little image-links, to be transported to that blog.

- the Report, my main blog, is one dedicated to the best technical advice I can give, on different aspects of blogging. It's easily read, and from the comments left - easily understood. - Not too 'techie'.

- Recipes, which I have inherited, been given, copied from books, and often 'pinched' from my travels through life.

- Family, refers to my family members, of which I have many of extraordinary character. Without giving too much away, of a personal nature, I have tried to show how my family took root in Australia, and I've highlighted some interesting stories.

I also contribute to Cumulus blogs, with my friend, Chuck, whose premier blog is...

- The Real Blogger Status is a blog most bloggers in the world, should know. Chuck, aka 'Nitecruzr', has given years of service to Blogger Help Forum and the cause of blogging, in general. "If he hasn't got the answer, the problem hasn't been covered!"

 - Cumulus Blogs is a range of blogs originally started by Chuck and me, when we hacked a design from Ramani, of Hackosphere blog, and came up with a 'hidden' aspect to Labels and Linklists. Eventually, when we developed our translator, as displayed at the top of all our blogs. We also made available translators for Foreign Language blogs - see sidebar.

Happy Blogging!