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Thursday, May 21, 2015


Hello - thanks for visiting my Home Page blog.This is a 'launching pad' to all my blogs. It's my website.

I have enjoyed blogging since 2005, and been rewarded with a lot of memories - some good, and some not so good. Blogging is fun, and Blogger gives you that platform - for FREE ! Enjoy it.

Although I have not been active, with Blogging, over the last two years, I am starting again. There maybe something of interest for you in my blogs, so I have created some image-icons, which are linked to those blogs.

Click on the little image-links below, to navigate to that blog.

- the Report, my main blog, is one dedicated to the best technical advice I can give, on different aspects of blogging. It's easily read, and from the comments left - easily understood. - Not too 'techie'.

- Where's Bob ?, is a blog about my personal travels and paints it like it is.

- Thaipan, brings you some of my favourite Asian foods.

- Funny Fotos, refers to my sense of what I think is funny - that is, Life, and the hilarious predicaments we, as humans, find ourselves, or create.

- Fruits from Around the World, is my humble attempt to bring unusual, little known fruits, as well as some favourites, into my world.

- Reflections is my collection of photos, sourced from life, travels, and elsewhere. Hope you like them.

- Recipes, takes you to my blog where some recipes are for the bachelor breadwinner, and some for the gourmand.

Happy Blogging!