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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hello - thanks for visiting my Home Page blog.This is a 'launching pad' to all my blogs. It's my website.

I have enjoyed blogging sine 2005, and been rewarded with lots of acquaintances, and friends. Blogging is fun, and Blogger gives you that platform - for FREE ! Enjoy it.

Although I am not currently active with Blogging, there maybe something of interest for you. My few remaining (Live) blogs are various in theme, and I hope you enjoy them and/or have your questions answered.

Click on the little image-links, to be transported to that blog.

- the Report, my main blog, is one dedicated to the best technical advice I can give, on different aspects of blogging. It's easily read, and from the comments left - easily understood. - Not too 'techie'.

- Recipes, which I have inherited, been given, copied from books, and often 'pinched' from my travels through life.

- Family, refers to my family members, of which I have many of extraordinary character. Without giving too much away, of a personal nature, I have tried to show how my family took root in Australia, and I've highlighted some interesting stories.

Happy Blogging!



LadyCat said...

I like the look of your new blog! Also, it's good to have a list of your blogs with a decription. I'm off to check them out : )

Rosemary Nardone said...

Hi Bob Hope all is well with you
the blog looks great and I am always looking for more help to improve my own. Have yourself a wonderful rest of the week!!

NYC Style and a little Cannoli

Roberto said...

Hi there, Rosemary! How's the cannoli? I like the look of your blog. All's well, here - or getting better, at least. Look forward to more interaction. Cheers!